Philanthropy and Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos  (4)In January 2013, at Washington, D.C., under auspices of Heritage Foundation, Dick DeVos discussed passage of Freedom to legislation of Work in Michigan. Freedom for work was simply appropriate thing to do. By practicing of enforced unionization, Michigan now openly declares to many other states and in fact the whole world, that they embrace freedom for the workers, true equality in workplace and that they are ready to compete with anybody, anywhere to make economic opportunity for the families of Michigan. In his talk, he also explained how legislation was passed, praising business community of Michigan, certain legislators, & Mackinac Center for Public Policy for the role in its passage and observing that it was imperative to propose legislation at right time, to offer it appropriate name, to be prepared for the backlash, and to bring it to vote immediately.

In December 2012, MSNBC reported that Public Policy Center of Mackinac, which had played main role in passage of right-to-work at Michigan, was funded primarily by Charles G. Koch Foundation and Betsy and Dick DeVos Foundation. Despite national fame of a Koch brothers, noted MSNBC, “among power brokers of Michigan, DeVos may well be huge name. Since losing his run for governor in 2006, he had worked hard to exert power from outside.

Dick DeVos is President of Betsy and Dick DeVos Foundation, a Grand foundation which has donated thousands of dollars to artistic, civic, educational, religious, community & free-market economic organizations. Among its grantees are the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital; Kids Hope USA; the Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan; the West Michigan Aviation Academy; Potter’s House; Mars Hill Bible Church; the Thunderbird School of Global Management; Grand Rapids Christian Schools; Art Prize Grand Rapids; the Education Freedom Fund; Willow Creek Association; Florida P.R.I.D.E; Children First America; Rehoboth Christian School; New Urban Living; Princeton University; Calvin College; Grove City College; Davenport University; Little Star Inc.;Hope College; Choices for Children and American Education Reform Council.