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Almost everyone is well acquainted with photos and videos sharing from one social media to another or one website to the other one. When we are doing such activities we may be using a social networking service such as Face book, Google, Yahoo etc. The overall process is called instagram.

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Let’s understand with the example of Face book. Face book has gained widespread use almost every corner of the globe, from villages to metropolitan cities. The Face book page creation facility has revolutionized the world of social media. If it is said to be the most excellent and famous platform in the world to express and convey our thoughts and messages to others, it won’t be wrong.

Now, it happens that most companies are using Facebook to advertises their products, their institutions etc. They did it, no doubt. The problems are; who will read the page that they have created? Unless a thing is not passed from the eyes of the people how they will read and get to know something about that. That is the problem. Now, the earnest need arises that the post must reach the readers.

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