Consummate Yarn Production Services

If you are looking for an experienced company who deals in yarn business with excellent services, you are now at the right place and perhaps in right time if you haven’t been deceived by other companies. Our yarn products are spread all over the country, though we do business in Hyderabad, Pakistan. Some things you learn from acquiring the required knowledge through some reliable educational sources, but there are some other things that come with experience. By God’s grace, out company is packed with both these accomplishments. Our company is famous for two things undertaking the responsibilities and honest dealing. You’ll rarely find these two thins on part of other companies. The secret of our success is that we work according exactly the requirements of the clients neither more nor less.

www.abtexintl.net4It is possible that we exceed your expectations, but it never happens that we fail come up to your needs. Every company sells their products, but the actual thing to provide exactly as per their needs. And by God’s grace, our veteran staffs are capable of providing you with what you rightly want to have from our company. We believe in honesty and customer satisfaction. The satisfaction of our clients is our best earning. It is a general rule of life that the thing you don’t think much of it, one day it goes away from you and you leave repenting. That is why; we value our customers and counterparts a great deal. To take a look at our amazing yarns and their types, you can visit

Abtex is equally well-liked at home and abroad. How much we thank to God is less. We started our business as a small travel, and now we are flying in the skies of fame almost every corner of the globe. We’re proud that the circle of our sale is now spread all over the world. We’ve dedicated our live for this business making it a great aim of life. A brief list of our product is as under:

  • Siro Yarn
  • Denim Fabric
  • Mix Colored Pet Flakes
  • Melange Yarn
  • Cotton Yarn
  • Dyed yarn
  • Poly Cotton Yarn
  • Dyed Fabric
  • Care Spun Yarn
  • Grey Fabric
  • Unwashed Pet Flakes
  • Gassed Mercerized yarn
  • Polyester Yarn